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Overstated is Underated


About us

TCOB Media is a full creative agency providing a broad spectrum of services, including in-house design, advertising and event management. In the past ten years we have executed some of Hong Kong's most daring and exciting media executions. Our philosophy is simple.


Dare to be different, command people's attention and innovate, never replicate.

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HKFC 10's


The team at TCOB Media are highly experienced, creative thinkers. We pride ourselves on generating innovative marketing concepts to meet client and brand needs. We begin each project by carefully brainstorming and drafting ideas to bring ideas to life.  From concept to story-boarding to execution, our team tailors creative solutions to fit your campaign and brand vision. 


From street teams to print and advertising, we look to put a touch of TCOB spin on whatever we do. We seek to get brands noticed and set them apart from their competitors. TCOB offers a full range of services from producing traditional advertising to pioneering street teams and guerrilla executions. If you want to stand out in Hong Kong's crowded media landscape, you know we've got your back!


TCOB events inherited the cavalier spirit of its big brother, TCOB Media, and looks to bring unique and exciting events to life that are not only new to HK, but more often than not are global firsts. Our passion is to create spectacles that get people talking. Whether it's working alongside like-minded ambitious brands or creating fun events for ourselves, we approach every project with drive and enthusiasm.

“In just two years TCOB has managed to design, build and establish a great event that brings together some of the best, most iconic British brands to offer a unique atmosphere and experience to the Hong Kong public. If you are a British Brand and aren’t at Best of British then quite simply you are missing out.”

— Peter Lao

General Manager - Asia

Bremont Ltd.

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